Collage creative

Mashing up Victorians with contemporary images using Procreate tools

I’m learning different skills: creating collages with Procreate on iPad.

I learnt by watching Liz Kohler Brown’s terrific course, which gave me the techniques for this style of art.

As I like Victorian sketching, I selected this image, which is freely available online.

I deep-etched the image, saving it as a PNG so that I could place the Victorians on top of other images.

In this collage, I’ve used an image of Victorian ballroom dancers. The two couples pick their way through a delicate dance.

I wondered what these Victorians would think of the mean streets of 1970s New York.

I placed my Victorians into a street scene, which I downloaded randomly. As the hapless four were passing a theatre featuring Portnoy’s Complaint, I thought they might be on their way to Book Club, so added the speech bubble.

Victorians in NY